Kristin Cavallari starring in new E! ‘Very Cavallari’ reality show

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The Electronic Eye Returns

E! announced early today that Kristin Cavallari’s new “Very Cavallari” docu-series will debut on E! this spring, following Kristin’s new life in Nashville, Tennessee, as Kristin launches a new store for Uncommon James, while tackling parenthood, and being a day-to-day wife to Jay Cutler.

E!’s Executive Vice President of development and production, Amy Introcaso-Davis, says that E!’s audience has followed Kristin from “The Hills” to E!’s exclusive live red carpet coverage, and now will get a view into Kristin’s life as an entrepreneur and lifestyle tastemaker.

Amy also says that E!’s giving their audience a chance to see Kristin push herself as a boss of a new and expanding brand that is her fourth child being Uncommon James, all coming with the pressure to succeed, managing strong willed employees at Uncommon James, making time for Jay, and staying an active mom to 3 kids.

It’s high times right now for Kristin Cavallari, Kristin’s new book, “True Roots”, was released on Tuesday nationwide, and Kristin signed copies for a crowded Book Revue book store Tuesday evening in Huntington, New York.

Kristin also opened up last week about her new Uncommon James store in Nashville, saying she’s real excited about Uncommon James’s success, and all the complete creative freedom Kristin has with her new brand.

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