Kristin Cavallari kicks off ‘True Roots’ book tour at Book Revue LI

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Love Healthy, Don’t Hate On It

Kristin Cavallari tonight up at Book Revue here in Huntington, New York got the “True Roots” nationwide stops off to a roaring start, with Kristin as excited and effervescent as one could be, and a store filled with tons of adoring fans to see Kristin at her finest.

Kristin got to work immediately addressing the audience about “True Roots”, a cookbook devoted to making healthy foods, but Kristin could not stress enough that making healthy food does not have to be dreadful, making healthy recipes can taste good, with a good blend of the right ingredients, and dishes like pizza, hamburgers, and fries can be enjoyed too, and are homemade.

Kristin also answered any question fans had about the book, and about Kristin, Kristin did confess that in order to stay sane every once in a while, Kristin, Jay, and kids do eat junk food, for the sake of Kristin’s kids having a normal life.

Daniel plus Lauren here was amazed to learn that Kristin does give in to her Italian roots, having a nice bowl of pasta, meatballs, which was asked by an audience member first, and followed by D+L here, wanting to know if Kristin makes a good ole-fashion, traditional Sunday dinner in her household, having not only the pasta and meatballs, but the sausage, braccole, and all the good stuff that Kristin and D+L grew up on.

Kristin also says not only does her Italian roots come from her father’s side, but revealed too that he is the biggest healthnut of the family.

Daniel plus Lauren also love the fact that ingredient staples from the past like a full-fat can of coconut milk, and sugar-free/ flavor-free gelatin were greatly included in Kristin’s recipes, like fudge bars, should-be-dessert smoothie, and honey tumeric latte.

Finally, Kristin signed everybody’s copy of “True Roots”, as well as “Balancing In Heels” from 2 years ago, along with taking pictures with her fans from our iPhones.

Kristin Cavallari and “True Roots” make the healthy cooking landscape a lot more fun, easy, enjoyable, and delectable for people to understand, supplying scrumptious and delicous recipes to make which one will definitely enjoy.

Daniel Quintanilla

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