Lauren Conrad points out your email mistakes



Don’t Regret It

On Thursday, Lauren Conrad and team had very important points about the fatal flaws one makes when they handle emails with their colleagues at work, it all comes down to a matter of courtesy, respect, due diligence, and professionalism to keep in good standing at work.

Important to remember is only reply all when necessary because you don’t wanna vent to the entire company (when only meant for 1 to 3 people), know the difference between Bcc and Cc, include a signature, keep emotions out, don’t be too casual with emojis, don’t be wordy and remember to proofread, check all your attachments, and specify your time zone.

Lemon & Poppy Seed In One

Team LC Thursday cracked opened the recipe box this time for Sweet Laurel lemon poppy seed bundt cake, made with nothing but wholesome ingredients that are unrefined, and don’t leave out the lemon juice and poppy seeds.



Friday Favorites

Lauren Conrad ended the week Friday with her favorites inspired by spring now that we’re in the full month of it, like a Glitter Guide of bright home colors, DIY bike pannier bags, mama and daughter moments, cropped ruffle trench coat, and bronzed glow makeup tutorial.

The Edit

Lauren Conrad and team on Friday had their picks for the week, which include LC Lauren Conrad floral burst and fringe oblong throw pillows, The Little Market pom pom blanket, Oso’s transformation via wigs and wags, Summer Fridays jet lag bag, and EF Collection diamond bar studs.

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