Kristin Cavallari releases ‘Very Cavallari’ trailer

Courtesy: E! via YouTube

It’s All In Good, Clean Fun

Kristin Cavallari released a sneak peak of her new E! reality show “Very Cavallari” on Thursday, briefly describing all the drama, family life, and business of Kristin’s new life in Nashville, Tennessee that is the come in Kristin’s new series.

In all of 30 seconds, Kristin establishes it’s been seven years since she’s stopped shooting “The Hills” on MTV, but Kristin forgets to mention that there were those 3 weeks that Kristin spent on ABC’s “Dancing With The Stars” in the fall of 2011, where Kristin and Jay took a short break from each other.

And as with any reality show, Kristin assured us not only is Kristin’s new life story going to be told, but there will be plenty of new faces to see, causing their own drama in all the best way they can, making for a fun show overall.

Friday Favorites

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The Edit

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