Lauren Conrad teaches small business branding

Screen Shot 2018-04-16 at 11.41.58 PMCourtesy: Daniel Quintanilla (Daniel plus Lauren)

Get Out There

Lauren Conrad today supplied very good advice for branding a small business that you’ve might have had for awhile now, or want to start right away because you got ideas out there that need to be told to the world, and you must capitalize.

The first thing is coming up with a name for your business, double check to see if it doesn’t exist, and trademark it, secure all social media channels and website, create a mission statement for your business, create graphics, and network with likeminded business owners.

As you can see with the photo above, Daniel plus Lauren has a lot in common with Lauren’s tips here, especially when yours truly came off of without warning, and had to create something quick because they had contacts out there they didn’t want to abandon, but all it took was a day to come up with the name, rebrand and revamp existing social media sites, start writing again the following Monday on July 4, 2016 under Google+, and finally have a full website up and running 3 months on September 26, 2016.

The Green Grocer

Team Lauren Conrad today challenges their visitors to go green, but with the way you go about buying food.

It’s simple, buy balk where you can put dried foods in jars at home so you don’t have to buy often leading to more waste, buy fair trade food where workers get fair wages, bring your own grocery reusuable bags, avoid plastic since it’s not easy to recycle, and buy organic food.

Daniel Quintanilla

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