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Write Email Right

Monday’s a good day to make a significant fresh start, and the beginning of this week is no different, Lauren Conrad with Ilana Saul today are removing 4 words from your daily emails, because writing a clear and concise email to colleagues is crucial in corporate.

First, remove the word “just”, because using the word “just” makes you appear meek and/ or apologetic when you don’t need to be, and it minimalizes what you are asking of your colleagues following the use of the word, making what the task at hand is less important by all means.

“I think” is also something that needs to go, “I think” is the biggest phrase that makes what you are putting forward to someone else less confident on your part, it’s a big way to tell someone else you are unsure about what you are saying with your work.

“Urgent” or “ASAP” believe it or not are toxic in a normal work environment, because it adds unwanted stress for those on the receiving end, leading for regular work to get screwed up while screwing up the very important task in the process, make deadlines you want as clear as possible.

Amazing, but true, “amazing” is a word that’s gone on the outs in the office, because colleagues use “amazing” too darn much, and its since lost its powerful impact to say the least, say phrases like “really helpful”, “exactly what I need to complete this project”, or “ideal for the timeline we’re working with”.

Daniel Quintanilla

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