Lauren Conrad’s baby day at the beach

31421768_2144316409125336_3296735648513261568_nCourtesy: Lauren Conrad Instagram

Feel The Sand Beneath You

Lauren Conrad tonight posted another wonderful Instagram image of her near 10 month old son, Baby Liam James Tell, who got to see the place that he is born in, as well as where his mother and father were born.

Liam got to spend the day at the beach doing nothing but be curious of the light brown loose ground that sits beneath Liam called sand, as well as the Pacific Ocean that courses right beside Liam, along with a crystal clear sky with sunlight that warms Liam and the beach up.

Along with white shorts with black stripes and plenty of suntan lotion that could be on Liam, Liam wears extra protection from the sun that is a great big bucket straw sun hat, keeping Liam safe, happy, and precious for his Sunday at the beach.


Courtesy: People

Audrina + Ryan, Again????????????

People reported earlier today that Audrina Patridge and Ryan Cabrera were dating once again after splitting up 8 years ago back in 2010, the two were obviously seen over at the Stagecoach Festival down in Indio, California, posing with drinks at hand, and wearing cowboy hats and boots (at least Audrina was).

Along with dating again, it’s also said that Audrina and Ryan were back together again after Audrina was the one who had been said to initiate the break-up a long time ago, as Ryan explained why they broke up in the first place.

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