Whitney Port’s top motherly advice

30855099_361831660995313_8466609111516053504_nCourtesy: Whitney Eve Port Instagram

Listen Up Mommies

Whitney Port talked with AOL on Monday about the challenges of motherhood, Mother’s Day, and sharing advice that is very important to all mothers out there who are raising their newborns which is beneficial to how they raise their children in the long run.

Whitney’s holy grail advice to mommies is not to listen to every piece of advice that is out there because it will make one mommy confused about raising their kid, so that’s why it’s very important for a mommy to go with their gut about teaching their children well.

It’s also important to make a plan ahead of time with your spouse about what values, methods, and techniques that you will use to raise your child, and do not compare another parent’s method (or another child’s progress) to your very own, trust what you do, and how you’re children grow.

Thank You Perfectly

Lauren Conrad’s Allison Norton spent the last day of April on Monday noting wedding bells and how it is extremely important to send a thank you note to those who attended your wedding, but it can be done in such a foolproof way that it’s flawless.

Mother’s Day Partying

Lauren Conrad turned to But First, Party and Bonjour, Fete once again on Monday to plan a party for Mother’s Day, filled with bright and colorful florals, as well as dishes, tea cups, balloons, fabulous drinks (drunk or not drunk), and donuts glazed in pink and sprinkles.

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