Lauren Conrad and the styles of the May month



Can We Say It’s Warm Out Now???

Lauren Conrad put together the Tuesday Ten today with the looks of May in mind, freeing us of all the winter that has hung around for too long, even for winter’s own standards of tolerance, and at spring’s inconvenience and expense.

Lauren starts out with a nod to nautical that are maxi skirt and wide-brimmed hat, pastels on handbags, dresses, and frock, farmer’s market inspiration of sunhats, frills in bell sleeves and raw hems on jeans, and radical red found in jumpsuits accompanied by wedge espadrilles and straw bags we love.

Let’s continue with the candy stripes found on skirts along with heart-shaped bag from LC Lauren Conrad, crop tops held and conceived together by ties and knots with high-waisted pants, gingham style found on every piece imaginable, denim reinvented in a high-waisted long dress, and a little designated white before Labor Day.

The Motherhood Of May

Lauren Conrad introduced May today with the entire month being dedicated to motherhood, which Lauren appropriately titles Motherhood May in her Letter From Lauren month introduction, Lauren first assures those not in the mother stage of life they’ll be style advice, secret recipes, and tips from leading ladies in our life.

But if you’re a mother, Lauren says they’ll be pieces on best age gap between babies, a nutritionist’s tips for handling pregnancy cravings, and the best independent clothing names for kids, plus Lauren promises more of the like where the just mentioned came from.

Daniel Quintanilla

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