Lauren Conrad’s lessons about the keto diet



Burn The Fat Everyday

A detox diary by Lauren Conrad’s Allison Norton today gives all the facts you need to know about going on a keto diet, a reset and/ or a lifestyle change where after you’ve burned up all your carbs, sugars, and glucose, your body then burns fat.

So a keto diet essentially focuses on 60 to 75 percent of healthy fat, 15 to 30 percent of lean protein, and only 5 to 10 percent of carbohydrates to keep that fat burning process going, with foods like avocado, nuts, olive oil, ghee, and walnuts as the primary examples of healthy fat.

Keto will in turn cleanse your body of sources like carbs, sugar, and glucose that keep our weight at an unhealthy level, and prevent us from losing weight, just focusing on high healthy fats, protein, and limited carbohydrates keeps our energy and metabolism going to keep that fat burning process continuing.

Style Advice From Mom

Today’s Tuesday Ten from Lauren Conrad’s people keeps busy mothers with children who keep them active styling, like investing in classic pieces, looking at leopard as neutral, dressing well on any budget, stocking up on something you really love, and not walking out the door without lipstick on.

Also, shoes can make or break an outfit, alterations make all the difference, pieces are worth investing in despite one saving money otherwise, choose the option to overdress over underdress, and in all the etiquette and style advice a lady seeks from their mother, look in the mirror.

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