Lauren Conrad celebrates her first Mother’s Day

32669636_1017545541742929_4517527364497833984_nCourtesy: Lauren Conrad Instagram

What It’s Like To Be Special

All mothers out there on Sunday got to not only felt a certain glow from giving birth to their children, but knowing that glow of motherhood was definite because they’ve devoted and sacrificed all their life so their kids can have a chance in the world.

Lauren Conrad got to know that very special feeling for the first time on Mother’s Day because Lauren has been a new mom since last July 5 when Lauren gave birth to her son, Liam James Tell, already seeing him grow fast right before Lauren’s eyes.

Lauren shared on Instagram with her 10 month old son side by side on the California beach that she was celebrating her first Mother’s Day ever, and it’s even extra special knowing that Lauren’s celebrating with the little guy who’s Liam James that Lauren’s now a mama in the first place.

Lauren went into her Instagram Story also to express how happy she was that it was her first Mother’s Day by showing off a little video of baby Liam James crawling in a cute baby blue onesie back and forth across the floor, with baking pans all over the floor, and the caption of “Happy Mother’s Day”.

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