Lauren Conrad’s accentuating swimsuit finds



Hot On You At The Beach

Since the weather outside’s finally corporating with what the season says it is, it’s time today to report on Lauren Conrad with her style guide of the best swimsuit for your body type, dimming the dilemma of badly-lighted department store bikini shopping.

Highlighting your legs means buying a high-waisted bikini or a one-piece, with silhouettes elongating and drawing attentions to your legs, the chest needs a triangle bikini or low-cut one-piece flattering the bust for a fuller chest illusion, or a halter top bikini or any style to give your chest support.

Now, the an accentuated waist needs a one-piece with color-blocking or belt detail for much needed attention with hourglass effect, but your abs need an athlete-inspired bikini or a cut out one-piece, and those who love their buttocks must buy a bikini or one-piece with ruching details on the bottom or waistline.

LC Kohl’s Nail Prints

Lauren Conrad and company today looked to the prints of the May LC Lauren Conrad collection at Kohl’s to get inspired about recreating their LC Kohl’s very own prints on their nails, with lots of inspiration from Olive & June’s nail stickers which are adorable.

Now in the spirit of the spring and summer that’s soon coming, the LC crew goes for watermelon inspired nail art, reminding them of beach days everyday even when they’re not at the beach, a do-it-yourself mini-fashion project that will keep you going for those margaritas over and over again.

Daniel Quintanilla


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