Lauren Conrad’s red, white, and blue boat party



Here Come The Fireworks

Now that summer’s here and school’s out, it’s time to get ready for the 4th of July which is 9 days from now as Lauren Conrad’s crew today let But First, Party throw a boat party filled with the country’s colors with nothing but balloons.

Royale, who’s in charge at But First, Party knows a thing or two about celebrating Independence Day over in Orange County, California, where the parties are not only lavish and festive, but are filled with tons of fun times and memories, with a few good times that go a long way.

Now along with a day of celebrating our country’s freedom, Royale unleashes the cherries, the frozen fruit pops, the cherry pies, the cherry cheesecakes, the yummy jello’s, and lots of champagne mixed with cherries, as well as festive red, white, and blue balloon decor for a good Independence Day.

Ice With Syrup

Lauren Conrad’s food contributor, Claire Thomas, brought over new lovely libations today that introduces us to Boozy Hawaiian Shaved Ice With Homemade Syrups that come in several varieties, as well as the option to add any kind of favorite drink you like with this ice dessert, or not.

Daniel Quintanilla

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