Kristin Cavallari puts Nashville home on the market

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Let’s Get Moving

The Tennessean reported on Thursday that Kristin Cavallari along with husband, Jay Cutler, and the couple’s 3 children are putting their Nashville, Tennessee mansion up for sale, which is located in a secluded spot in Nashville where Kristin has tons of privacy and close to downtown.

However, USA Today reported on Friday that Kristin, Jay, and kids are not leaving Nashville anytime soon, they’re just moving to another part of the music town where they’re currently searching for a new home, Kristin and Jay moved into the $7.9 million mansion in 2012, the home was built in 2007.

This nearly 20,000 square foot mansion is equipped with 7 bedrooms and 7 bathroom that comes with a full basement, and layered on 8 acres of land inside the gated community of Bancroft in Nashville, Jay says there’s lots of things to love about this home, and location is one important factor.

Jay also said that it was only a few years ago that he and Kristin finished the basement, and it became a spot where they spent a lot of time in, and the house has lots of memories like getting married and having 3 kids, which Jay and Kristin will miss.

Along with Kristin Cavallari and Jay Cutler hoping that the new owners have the same enjoyment in that house as the two did, you will also enjoy the 7 car garages, the 5 working fireplaces, the high ceilings and the large kitchen to entertain at large that this house alone offers.

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