Lauren Conrad’s crew packs for summer bonfires



On The Beach With Toasty Marshmallows

Yes, it’s summertime folks, Lauren Conrad’s Jessi Burrone today delivers on summer fun as we’re all getting ready for those beach bonfires coming up in the days, weeks, months to come, and of course very soon with the Fourth Of July next week.

Jessi begins the breakdown with reusable shopping bags from The Little Market, a cocktail koozie set exclusively from LC Lauren Conrad, an All Around Giant Circle Towel from, don’t forget a tool set for toasting marshmallows over at Target, and Ultimate Ears offers up their Wonderboom portable waterproof bluetooth speaker.

Jessi continues with Cathy’s Concepts striped cooler tote, make sure you bring a Divine Milk Chocolate Bar for the marshmallows from The Little Market, grab a pair of pixii flip flops by LC Lauren Conrad, another towel that comes in fringe from The Little Market, and a Custom Leathercraft Canvas log carrier for the bonfire.

Get Fit In Every Way Possible

All month long, Lauren Conrad and her team have been covering many ways to get fit and stay well as part of their June theme of Get Fit June, so today’s Tuesday Ten does a rundown of team LC’s favorite fitness posts of all time.

A few favorites to remember are staying within fitness goals without stepping on the scale, best times of day to workout, the 30 day abs challenge, staying fit with the hotel room workout, foam rolling 101, and the best workout for your body type.

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