Kristin Cavallari hates watching her old self

35001224_706482166350342_7170055276236636160_nCourtesy: Kristin Cavallari Instagram

The Past Can Be So Damning

Kristin Cavallari told People today that she’s not one of those people who look back at the way they were way back when, meaning she doesn’t watch old episodes if MTV airs  “Laguna Beach”, and also “The Hills”.

Kristin says looking back at her former self makes her cringe, and husband, Jay Cutler, knows it very well, there was a time where dear ole Jay put MTV on one day a couple years back where “The Hills” was airing just to mess with Kristin, it made her cringe so to speak.

Kristin also proclaims that she will never voluntarily show her kids old episodes of “Laguna Beach” and “The Hills”, but Kristin will not stop them from coming across her old work if they ever do, all Kristin will do is explain that she was just a kid like they are.

Friday Favorites

Lauren Conrad today threw out the first Friday Favorites of July with party theme going to the moon and back and up to the stars, homemade raspberry Champagne pop-tarts, summer staples of split-back crop tops, and illustrated art of another person’s beauty not being the absence of your own.

The Edit

Today’s picks from Lauren Conrad and her team include Rebecca Minkoff Ana Floral Wrap Dress, LC Lauren Conrad 10k Rose Gold Diamond Accent Leaf Stud Earring, West Elm White + Gold Candle, LC Lauren Conrad Print Halter Maxi Dress, Anthropologie Springworthy Bandana, and The Little Market White Tassel Blanket with Black Stripes.

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