Kristin Cavallari’s ‘Very Cavallari’ finally on the air

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The Electric Eye’s At Home Again

Kristin Cavallari’s new reality series, “Very Cavallari”, debuted Sunday night on E! with an enormous amount of drama, backstabbing, dating, alcohol, and self-proclamation that  makes for some good television week to week, and a whole lot of Kristin to go around.

From the top, Kristin recaps about the last few years of her career with her book, “Balancing In Heels” on New York Times Bestseller List, the Chinese Laundry brand of the last 5 years, “True Roots” which came out over 3 months ago, and the Uncommon James store which “Very Cavallari” centers around.

Onto the rest of “Very Cavallari” that are Brittany, Taylor, and Shannon who bring on their own share of drama with each other, it’s a steady flow that begins right at the workplace with the fear of Brittany reporting to Kristin about what’s right and also wrong.

Now Kristin’s end includes helping her BFF, Kelly, navigate the dating world, Kelly confesses she didn’t what to expect when meeting Kristin for the first time, even though Kelly knew who Kristin Cavallari was before they actually met.

Husband, Jay Cutler, adds her two cents about whether or not Kelly should text a guy back, both Kelly and Kristin feel they should text Kelly’s guy back, but Jay does not think so.

In the end, Jay sees it as gameless, but Kristin’s the one who originally created the game.

Courtesy: E! via YouTube

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