Jay about the house on ‘Very Cavallari’ ep. 2

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It’s not easy being Mr. Kristin Cavallari (formerly the NFL player known as Jay Cutler) on Sunday night’s second episode of “Very Cavallari” on E! as Jay ponders the future abodes of his loving wife, Kristin Cavallari, and adorable 3 children.

Jay comes to an epiphany about moving his family out from under their awesome 7 bedroom and 7 bathroom home in the Nashville area that Daniel plus Lauren would buy instantly if the cash times 4 were at hand, Jay gets an emphatic no from Kristin who is the wifey in this situation.

Regardless, Jay marches on with Kristin’s orders of moving the Uncommon James headquarters out from their spacious home into the new downtown store in Nashville’s rapidly growing Gulch district, only to be handed the unpleasant task of firing feuding women who didn’t label the shelves because Kristin is too fed up to do the job herself.

Meanwhile outside of Jay’s dilemmas, Shannon is having man problems as Shannon had her first fight with her current boyfriend, so she confides in Brittiany Taylor for some comfort, advice, and assurance, inspite of the fact that both Shannon and Brittiany have been clashing on the work front.

But even though you and work nemesis have been at odds while on the clock, you gotta hand it to your number 2 nemesis for driving a classy car like a Mercedes Benz blotted out for advertising purposes with the true star in front of the car instead of on the grill.

Courtesy: E! Entertainment via YouTube

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