Jay Cutler goats Kristin Cavallari into seeing house on ‘Very Cavallari’ ep. 2

Courtesy: E! Entertainment via YouTube

What Can Goats Do For You?

The goat works both ways, as Kristin Cavallari along with her little show, “Very Cavallari” by E! released a moment today where Kristin plays a prank on dear ole hubby, Jay Cutler, bringing over a heard of goats to their abode.

Kristin’s focal point in this prank is trying to convince Jay that goat poop is good for the soil, and boy do the goats share their poop on the couple’s lawn, letting out their little pellets of poop onto not only the big house’s lawn, but onto the driveway.

In all of Kristin’s pranking, Jay uses this enduring moment to his advantage, Jay traps Kristin into his little ploy and convinces Kristin into looking at the house that Jay’s been foaming over, even though Kristin shot down the idea early on while Kristin was focused on moving Uncommon James out from house and into new downtown store digs.

Then again, why would one want to move out from under Kristin and Jay’s spacious, historic, and brick glorified 7 bedroom and 7 bathroom home that can easily house the immediate family of Daniel plus Lauren based out of the Philadelphia area, along with any guests that need to stay for a night or two, or possibly even longer.

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