Lauren Conrad’s double duty products while traveling



Make Sure You Pack Well

Lauren Conrad got into the travelling spirit today with her Tuesday Ten that recommends products pulling extra curricular activities once we and the world are travelling out there for those anticipated summer vacations, as well as business trips which require our shampoo to act as body wash.

Lauren starts out with the CC cream, Lauren has found that the average CC cream can double as sunscreen, concealer, and moisturizer, lip stain acting as a cheek tint, shampoo without Lauren declaring it acting as the good ole backup to soap if your body wash or bar soap is not available (along with conditioner as shaving cream), dry shampoo to keep your sneakers (running or walking) refreshed, and clear nail polish to resolve snagged clothes, inexpensive jewelry turning green, and an adhesive to fix something.

Double downing continues with clear eyebrow gel to prime eyelashes before mascara and eliminate hair strands, Egyptian Magic to check unruly hair, eye shadow for an eye pencil, hairspray to eliminate static off clothes, and bronzer for color on the eye lids.

Party Like You’re In Vegas

It may not be Las Vegas where all the frills, the dazzle, and all the buffets in full view, but Royale from But First, Party was on tap today for a tropical plam leaf and pink flamingo-themed soiree.

If you love a good summer day where you want to be inspired by atmosphere of summer and the southern part of the United States, then this is the moment where summer can be cherished.

Daniel Quintanilla

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