Cello Jeans FW 2018 in UBM Fame at new duel-gender trade show

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Denim On All Shapes & Sizes

Cello Jeans, the first women’s piece Daniel plus Lauren has in store today from UBM’s Fame here in New York City at the Javits Center, reveals their fall and winter 2018 collection, all while UBM celebrates the second day of its new duel-gender event.

Cello Jeans is a 10 year old company based out of Los Angeles, California strictly focusing on denim, everything from denim jeans, denim jackets, denim overalls, denin jean shorts, and so on, with sizes ranging from size 13 to size 22, marking Cello Jeans as one of the few plus size collections out there.

Cello Jeans’s success comes from the fact that they are a design house strictly focusing on the plus size audience, the jean variety consist of true, comfortable, and stretchy jeans, regular jeans, ripped jeans, and novelty jeans with stripes on the left leg, as well as shinny jeans too.

Top sellers for Cello Jeans are the pull up jeans that have the 1970’s inspired flare leg working on the style front, as well as ripped jeans that are always a big hit with younger women, because ripped jeans carry that rebellious guy image that young girls just crave.

New happenings with Cello Jeans are new shades of blue on their many collection of jeans, as well as new styles of denim jackets coming out in the fall and winter 2018 collection that will definitely be celebrated with the plus size audience because not many lines go above even a size 8.

Daniel Quintanilla

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