Miss Me doesn’t miss in UBM Fame debut at new duel-gender trade show

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Mixing Denim With Lifestyle

Daniel plus Lauren continues their journey at the Javits Center here in New York City with the brand-new men’s and women’s combined trade show created by UBM, but comes across the Miss Me collection now taking place in the infamous UBM Fame brand.

Miss Me’s beginnings trace all the way back to 2001, finding its heart being a denim brand while adding sportswear in the years that followed, only for this Los Angeles, California based collection to blossom into a beautiful lifestyle-based brand, solicited into two parts, a traditional collection, and an updated collection for the young ones.

Miss Me’s top sellers are obviously denim because all the love goes into this line of style for this brand, but it’s the jeans that fly off the shelves out of Miss Me’s denim staples that always please, and complement well with Miss Me’s knit tops that sell well also.

A continued stance on high quality are what keeps Miss Me fresh every season they unveil a new collection, and the love not only spreads within the denim world Miss Me dares to explore, but Miss Me also spreads their love to within their knit tops.

Daniel Quintanilla

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