Hidden reveals denim success with UBM Fame at new duel gender trade show

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Live The Denim Way

Hidden got to the heart of its strictly denim collection with UBM’s Fame at the Javits Center here in New York City today, as Daniel plus Lauren wrapped up day two of the new men’s and women’s combined trade show created by UBM.

Hidden is very much still a young brand going into its third year, making it all about denim, the whole denim, and nothing but the denim, ranging from jeans of courses, tops, accessories, coats, and and reversible double denim jackets consisting of camel on the outside, and full-function fabric on the inside.

Hidden’s best seller is a lightweight jacket with a soft feel, Hidden too offers pieces that appear basic initially, but have a fashion twist and fashion sense behind it, Hidden’s strength is producing quality styles with quality fabrics that people in return are very receptive to, putting their money into Hidden pieces.

Top sellers in general for Hidden are their denim jackets where there’s not much thought behind it because of the creative style Hidden puts into their jackets, a simple pair Hidden’s denim jeans do real well where the jean pant consists of a simple design, but have the ripped detail at the inseam, the distressed jean, and the solo high rise jean also do well for Hidden.

Hidden’s new fabrics coming in allow Hidden to produce all kinds of stretchy jeans whether it being super stretchy, or a jean that’s a little less stretchy, but focuses more on the beautiful dark wash design it has going for it.

Everyday and every week, Hidden continues to improve upon its denim collection, like pulling pieces that no longer represent the direction Hidden heads in.

Hidden also attracts two types of women, the older woman who like the clean, straight up denim jean, top, or coat design which they’ve matured to, and the younger woman who appreciates the more distressed, rebel, rough, rugged, and ripped denim products because young women are in that stage where confusion is the name of the game.

The main idea for Hidden is attracting to the woman in their twenties up until their mid-thirities who’s the ideal working professional having a good education, and advancing in every way possible at work, and in their personal life.

Hidden continues their outreach accomodating itself to new stores that Hidden comes across, seeing what designs and styles work for a particular store that Hidden can produce.

Hidden too uses their fit models to see what works on the individual woman, and where improvement needs to be implemented.

Going into its third year, the newest thing happening with Hidden is the new high quality fabrics that it’s advancing to, allowing Hidden to improve upon not only the styles, but enhance the quality most importantly, rather than regressing, or cutting corners.

Daniel Quintanilla

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