BLANC Magazine host a summer soiree in New York’s Time Square

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A Nice Summer Night

BLANC Magazine donned a perfect summer evening here in New York City tonight with a summer soiree promoting their very unique magazine that’s catching fire in the fashion and entertainment industry, with a perfect rooftop party over at the Cachet Boutique Hotel slightly off of Times Square.

The invite only event was a celebration of the summer season and served as a celebration of the glossy’s newly published HEAT issue, which is a re-introduction to the fashion industry and mainstream media.

Featuring special guest celebrity DJ Mike Nouveau, the Summer Soirée attracted a guest list of who’s who in the music, art and fashion industries, including notables who have previously been featured in the publication.

“What better way to commemorate the release of our summer issue than by hosting our first Summer Soirée for friends, fans and those just getting to know BLANC,” says Editor-In-Chief Teneshia Carr.

“Our latest issue, which is also the sixth installment of the magazine, showcases emerging talent who have stoked the flames of their artistry and passion. We are excited to celebrate these artists at our summer party and hope that readers use the issue as kindling to feed their own flames!”

Following the publication’s Dreamers and Borderless issues, BLANC’s HEAT issue is a homage to the heat we carry within us.

“Instilled with this warmth from the womb, we keep these embers all our lives. They ignite our first loves, light our happiest moments,” says Carr.  “They are the pain we feel when we hurt. We stoke them with our passions and shelter them from a world which thirsts for our heat.”

Featuring cover stars Miss Fame (RuPaul’s Drag Race) wearing Marc Jacobs, as well as Jamaican model Wayne Booth on dual covers, the HEAT issue showcases the reflections of this heat we carry, originating from the fires of creation, and through the lenses of others. Among those featured within the issue are: model Aweng Choul; husband and wife design team Michael and Nicole Colovos; Korean-born, London-based designer, Eudon Choi; American singer/songwriter, actor, dancer and model, Maxwell George “Max” Schneider (known professionally in music as MAX); British singer/songwriter and record producer, Neo Jessica Joshua (better known as Nao); Armenian songwriter Azniv Korkejian (aka Bedouine); Californian artist Matthew Palladino; Ukraine born artist Stanislava Pinchuk, and Matthew Ball, principal dancer of The Royal Ballet.

BLANC is an independently published magazine that strives to provide a diverse and often underrepresented perspective of fashion, art, and music.

The BLANC Media platform, encompassing print and online, showcases a variety of talent – both established and undiscovered – from countries around the world.

As style, art, and music enthusiasts, BLANC readers and followers are an already influential and knowledgeable set of learned and inquisitive professionals & tastemakers who are always in search of further exploration.

BLANC combines innovative yet sophisticated fashion and style spreads alongside clever, thoughtful, and intellectually stimulating features.

The aim of each issue is to merge the quality of a glossy magazine with the heart of a progressive and freethinking independent publication.

Guests for the evening were treated to specialty Rosé from Listel (the #1 Rosé in France), sparkling wine cocktails by Pampelonne, delicious desserts from Love Love Edibles, as well as tasty bites from Eden Local.

Daniel Quintanilla

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