Egard’s tribute time pieces in UBM PROJECT at duel men’s & women’s floor

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You Are Your Own Clockwork

The Egard Watch Company educated the fashion industry about the kind of watches they make for celebrities and the public alike, returning Daniel plus Lauren to the UBM PROJECT today one last time before UBM’s new duel gender trade show wraps up here at the Javits Center in New York City.

Egard was founded by designer, Ilan Srulovicz, who designed his first watch as a tribute piece for his father as a gift, Ilan showed it off on his forearm one day and got lots of people loving it, so Ilan made 50 tribute watches where they sold extremely well.

The story continues with Ilan’s friend wearing one of Ilan’s watches, and William Shatner somehow saw the watch, William Shatner was so impressed by the watch, that he made one for his family, then it was released to the public, and William’s watch too sold extremely well.

Ilan then took his tribute watches and co-designed with UFC legend, George St. Pierre, following the same model as Ilan did with his father’s watcher, and William Shatner’s watch, leading to the creation of Egard as a company where Ilan designs watches for athletes, musicians, and celebrities alike to create co-pieces.

Egard watches are swiss automatic, made with sapphire crystal, and have design variations in back of the watches, where one has a Superman punch, Egard is also known for its crazy mechanical design in the watch itself as Egard tribute watches tell time in a crazy way also.

Already, Ilan has designed his Egard tribune for a lot of people, and movie studios use the Egard tribute watches in their movies, it’s all about making a high quality watch at a certain price point, the cheapest Egard watch is $350, whereas higher priced watches have been priced anywhere from $500 to $800 or $1000, it’s declared a good pricing point for watches at this high level.

There are many Egard watches to choose from, one in particular is a titanium tribute watch with leather straps and titanium used in the best places possible, making for a clean, sharp, and sleep time piece.

Top sellers include the Quantas tribute watch, and the Rush tribute watch, which is the very watch designed for George Saint Pierre of UFC fame.

A very important fact to keep in mind are the Egard tribute watches are 100 percent mechnical, and are not battery operated whatsoever, all you have to do is wind up the time it is at the moment, because watches are your last line of defense when all the power goes out, and you cannot get any more battery juice out of your laptop, iPhone, or your Apple Watch.

In these last 3 days of UBM’s new men’s and women’s combined trade fashion show, we’ve seen new breakthroughs, and new alliances come together in response to a new duel gender world that’s growing, and this is just the beginning for men’s and women’s fashion to unite as one.

Daniel Quintanilla

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