C’est Toi’s footprint on North America at UBM Fame duel men’s & women’s floor

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The Denim Comeback Continues

In this third and final day of UBM’s newly combined men’s and women’s trade show, C’est Toi steps their 34-year-old collection onto the United States for the first time with UBM’s Fame today here at the Javits Center in New York City.

C’est Toi’s orgin traces back to 1984 when the collection was launched, C’est Toi was only found in South America in countries like Mexico, Columbia, Brazil, Chile, and Argentina, now C’est Toi is making the big leap into the U.S. with their strictly denim collection because of denim’s huge comeback on North American soil.

C’est Toi is a denim company full of jeans, skirts, and shorts carrying the staple denim color washes of blue, dark blue, black, and even white in their denim collection, C’est Toi’s North American outreach aside now has been shows in Atlanta, Georgia, Dallas, Texas, and UBM Magic in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Top sellers for C’est Toi continue to be the basic denim jeans consisting of really good price points ranging in $14, $15, and $16, trend setting denim jeans also play a key role in C’est Toi’s sales which have done extremely well not only in South America, but since venturing into the United States.

The newest thing for C’est Toi this fall and winter 2018 are the return of the flare leg jeans inspired back to the 1970’s which picked up as a trend in the late part of the 1990’s with leggings, and quarteroids made a comeback too with C’est Toi’s quarteroids shorts.

Daniel Quintanilla

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