Just Black Denim says it all with UBM Fame duel men’s & women’s trade show

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Master One, And Master Well

Just Black Denim, it’s no secret this latest collection keeps its eye on one thing and one thing only, that’s denim, evolving everyday in UBM’s Fame today for this third and final day of the new duel gender trade show by UBM at the Javits Center here in New York City.

The famous Just Black Denim is a 7-year-old collection that proudly makes it product here in the United States of America, Just Black Denim is all about fit and quality which JBD achieves that through great fabrications for pieces only to be incredible.

Top sellers for Just Black Denim always have been denim basics consisting of clean and classic styles like skinny jeans that still rule the fashion industry since approximately 2007 despite heavier, regular fit, and high-waisted jeans stepping into skinny jean’s popularity that come in a mix of styles and so forth.

In the one-of-a-kind collection that is Just Black Denim, the newest thing to their true denim authenticity is JBD’s golden stitching, true blue, vintage blue color ways and washes, and rises along with super high-rises inspired by the trend of the 1990’s hot right now.

So in summary, Just Black Denim’s fall and winter 2018 are their rises are getting higher than they’ve been so far, and JBD’s denim washes are getting really, really rich to achieve the ultimate color denim style experience of blue and black that only denim, as well as Just Black Denim can only achieve.

Daniel Quintanilla

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