Lauren Conrad keeps August in style check



Summer’s Still Hot

If summer of 2018 has proven anything so far, it’s a lot hotter than last year, today’s Tuesday Ten from Lauren Conrad keeps with how summer in August needs to be, at its hottest, full of sunshine, and plenty of beach days left before Labor Day.

Lauren starts out with florals found on maxi dresses in black and white print, casual outfits of classic white blouse and light blue jeans with straw bag and pink scarf, stripes and palms on swimsuits, radiant moments of red on jumpsuits, and adding another swimsuit even late in the season.

Lingerie has found its way from underneath our clothes to becoming the clothing we wear with corset tops and high-waisted bottoms, sundresses giving off a baby doll look, sweet summer sets, chambray all day found on denim, and the summer blues that won’t make us sad, but come in monochromatic outfits.

Razor Burns & Ingrown Hairs

A beauty 911 from Lauren Conrad today apart of Ask Me Anything August goes for a breakdown of dealing and avoiding razor burns like shaving in the right direction, taking your time, shaving at shower’s end, always using a shaving gel, exfoliating, finding a good anti-irritant product.

What’s extremely helpful too is using a sharp razor blade because it moves more softly, cleans of your hairs well, avoids nicks, and irritation, also replace razor blazes regulars as they get dull from frequent use, and make sure to clean razor and shaving tools after each use in rubbing alcohol so bacteria is killed away to avoid infection

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