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Build You…. Brick By Brick

It’s your junior year, senior year, or even your sophomore year in college, and you’re looking to jumpstart the career of your dreams by landing a golden internship, but need a few skills to be the one and only candidate to land at that company, don’t worry, Lauren Conrad has you covered today if you want to intern for

One quick thing to note with Daniel plus Lauren here is that yours truly has encountered many who’ve gone into fashion sparked by one sole purpose only, it’s because those young men and women were inspired by Lauren who got a marquee internship at Teen Vogue.

But to intern at, you must start out small by applying at small firms where you can get much needed experience that can complement your education, so you can land bigger fish like in your later years of college.

Reflecting back to when applying for jobs, it’s all about that cover letter that gets the fire burning in your pursuit to land a job or internship, college hopefuls need to not only reveal their passion for what they’re applying for, but their knowledge of what they’re applying for.

Now the next key tip resignates well with yours truly when they interned at their favorite TV stations back in the day in Philly, though this decision was made entirely by yours truly, you must play it cool on what you know about the place you’re applying at, be professional about your knowledge of the company, it will set you apart from just being a fan-individual of something like, be modest in plain words about what you know, reveal later in monumental times about your love for the place you’re interning at.

Yours truly too encountered a little distance-itis when attending college at Temple while wanting to conquer an internship at MTV way back near the winter of 2002, Lauren’s point is go for internships that are local where you’re attending school at, because Lauren’s people will hit delete if aspiring applicants are not in the Los Angeles, California area, or simple as the inability of receiving college credit, because no one can work for free without college credit.

Now back in 2002, yours truly with Daniel plus Lauren didn’t have to worry about social media as an extra arm for employees to look at when applying for internship or job (we thought applying online for a job was more than enough), bottomline is that you must keep your social media professional if you want potential employees to look at what you do without blemish.

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