Kristin Cavallari recaptures youth on ‘Very Cavallari’

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The Party-er Inside Us

In Sunday night’s episode of “Very Cavallari”, Kristin Cavallari and her wonderful ladies over at Uncommon James go on a little trip, and it involves Kristin grabbing onto her past of party girl, going out to bars and having shots.

In all those attempts of be Kristin Cavallari from back in the day, Kristin is reminded that she is a wife, and a mother with 3 kids when Shannon’s friend, Taylor, first reveals to Kristin herself that she is 8 weeks pregnant, after briefly disclaiming why she might be lame on the trip.

Taylor then has no problem telling the rest of the Uncommon James crew that she is pregnant, everyone is delighted, and Taylor feels comfortable gushing her pregnancy out because Taylor spends most of her time with her co-workers anyway, and their little trip makes it more easier for Taylor to tell.

Brittiany meanwhile’s having relationship problems of her own as Brittiany tries to get her boyfriend to understand what her troubles with him are, Brittiany’s boyfriend doesn’t get why Brittiany’s breaking down and crying the way she is, all he can do is stare and directly watch Brittiany’s frustration.

Kristin also realizes the next morning that she cannot party the way she use to before husband and kids, it’s something Kristin Cavallari hasn’t done in a long time, and the only thing Kristin’s left with is a hangover.

Courtesy: E! Entertainment YouTube Channel

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