Lauren Conrad and the return of the anklets



There’s Nothing More Attractive

If you’ve ever walked down the block of any given city or town across the country, you can’t help it notice a pretty young woman walking by in what could be her workout attire, or her casual day off attire, wearing black leggings, ballet flats, any style blouse or t-shirt, and an ankle bracelet, which Lauren Conrad today reports on the comeback of anklets.

No matter if you’re wearing high-waisted capri’s, jeans, or any type of pants that may not be leggings, Lauren’s choice of anklets include Lauren’s very own LC Lauren Conrad Rose Gold Disc Charm AnkletEttika Opal Charm Bracelet, Argento Vivo Carmen Chain Bracelet, LC Lauren Conrad Sunglasses Ankletand Target 3-piece set with mixed chain anklet.

Now if you keep having dreams about women in leggings and anklets, one can foam about Urban Outfitters Chain Anklet Trio Set, Chan Luu Gold-Plated Pearl Anklet, Alighieri Baby Lion Gold-Plated Anklet, Native Gem Star and Moon Anklet, and the one and only Rebecca Minkoff with her Metal Teardrop Anklet.

Pineapple With Pineapple

Here’s the best evening one could have, you’re having a glass of wine, you’re at a cocktail party or even at home, you’ve had a few already, and you suddenly get very hungry, but don’t wanna kill your figure, Team LC today’s solution is pineapple mango salsa in a pineapple bowl.

This lovely dejour of pineapple and mango mixed with avocado, jalapeno, lime juice, good ole cilantro, tomato, onion, and salt and pepper for that all important taste to go with tortilla chips of whatever flavor floats your boat, giving you that savory satisifaction while downing God’s poisonous juice.

Daniel Quintanilla

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