‘Very Cavallari’ renewed for season 2 on E!

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Kristin Cavallari got some very delightful news today from her lovely E! network, “Very Cavallari” has been renewed for a second season, Kristin could not be more happier about the pickup of her new series, Kristin says the drama’s just getting started.

According to the good friends over at E!, “Very Cavallari” is the biggest non-spinoff season one original reality TV series to get a pickup in over a year and a half, fans can rejoice that a “Laguna Beach”/ “The Hills” alumni got renewed, and that a non-Kardashian fare is staying on the network.

The ratings for one thing prove why Kristin Cavallari has cause to celebrate that “Very Cavallari” got its renewal for another season, ShowBuzz Daily illustrates that “Very Cavallari’s” ratings have been consistant and rising with its audience since its premiere, rising in demographics 18 to 49 years old, 18 to 34 years old, and even 12 to 34 years old over weeks “Very Cavallari” has aired.

Uh Oh, K-Cav Is Mad, Mad Beyond Belief

Just as “Very Cavallari” got renewed for season 2, “Very Cavallari” today shares a sneak-peak of its season finale this Sunday where chaos occurs on the launch of Uncommon James with its store in Nashville, Tennessee.

Though, the matter of losing money with shipping is resolved with Brittiany that’s resolved in no time, it’s the little things that count with the newsletter that Shannon screws up with its home goods link on the store’s launch that Kristin’s mad about, Kristin can’t stop being mad, but it’s Shannon that’s brought to tears over the mistake that Kristin sees as Shannon actually cares about the future of Uncommon James, and Kristin Cavallari are at stake.

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