Lauren Conrad warns of beauty never to do yourself


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Spend Money Every Now & Then

It’s great that we can find solutions to maintain our everyday beauty without having to put out a single penny that’s outside our budget, but it’s not always wise to do with certain tasks, Lauren Conrad’s examples today are beauty needing left to professionals.

Lauren warns that do-it-yourself (DIY) tasks are not an option if you go out and do lash tinting which involves lots of chemicals, hair color if you want that ombre fiery purple to be long lasting, dermarolling so home executions don’t spread bacteria, and waxing is too hot to handle in your bathroom.

Next, there are gel removals from your manicures that cause one to rip off as soon as it chips away which is why professionals are better at it, chemical peels must be absolutely done by a professional, and microdermabrasion cannot be done within the 4 walls of your humble abode.

Wedding ’18

It’s hard to picture that a big event such as weddings trends of their own as time marches on, but Lauren Conrad’s Tuesday Ten today found big ones like greenery serving well with any wedding theme, calligraphy giving the wedding a home touch, neutrals allowing pops of color, creative arbors, and waterfall bouquets.

One didn’t think that bridesmaids had the right to break from tradition with mix and match gowns, or escort cards that assign guy and girl to a reception table, lawn games when you’re cocktailed up, watercolor wedding cakes for show purposes, and unusual venues like a theatre, museum, or even a farm.

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