Lauren Conrad making new friends as a mom


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Mom Friends Are The Way To Go

Becoming a mother involves new priorities, responsibilities, and a new outlook on life when doing for others, so friends you have already definitely become secondary whether it’s your choice or not, Lauren Conrad answered the question of a new mom today about making new mom friends.

Lauren’s fortunate enough to be at an advantage because most of her staff over at have become new mothers in the last 2 to 3 years, so Lauren knew how to relate to a new mom’s struggles when Lauren became a new mom herself.

For the rest of the world that are new moms in search of new mom friends, Lauren recommends apps like Hello Mamas or Peanut to find new moms out there, going to playgrounds and baby classes to get to know moms that are in your place, and hitting up up friends from college and/ or high schools who are new moms themselves.

Keep in mind that those single friends you still have in your corner may not be able to relate to your mom struggles for whatever reason, and a new mom’s social skills may not be the best due to new priorities apparently, so small talk is your best weapon to making new mom friends, and every new mom is struggling to make new friends just like you.

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