Raphael Mazzucco enriches the female at New York Fashion Week art exhibit

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We Cannot Move Without The Woman

Raphael Mazzucco, a man who comes from soccer and modelling, who turned into an artist to express the dictation of women in our lives, illustrated the power of a woman’s touch tonight at Chase Contemporary here in New York City With his art exhibit where the women gets equal time in subtle and obscure ways.

According to dear Raphael, he imagines the female figure as a true preponderance of artists, learning more about the female through nude images that have become Raphael’s discipline, emabling Raphael who is a fashion photographer in the daylight to utilize the female subject matter in new ways with Raphael’s fine art paintings.

Everytime we turn, especially those who have got responsibilities, the female has the final word on what goes on in our lives, we cannot lead our lives without the dictation of what a woman has to say, given reason why the female in Raphael’s paintings appears to be hiding in unimagined areas, telling the world that the woman has control of our forethoughts, let alone our recent state of mind.

As we wake up in the morning, or lie our heads to sleep at night, the image of surrender is always controlled by a women (if not the same sex as a man), because it’s comforting to know that a male can caress themselves with the imagination of a woman beside them, no matter what pains the male’s female significant other they think may cause.

Yes, we see sexy, we see chaste, we see abstract, we see quotes, we see color, landscape, color, and graffiti, and so forth, but one message still exist, the female can ultimately exist thanks to Raphael Mazzucco who justifies a woman’s existence without assistance from others who need to justify their existence period.

Daniel Quintanilla


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