Lauren Conrad confesses being ‘messy & ‘imperfect’ for Redbook

40831407_244926032878595_7004257685463631876_nlauren-conrad-1536788869Courtesy: Lauren Conrad Instagram & Redbook

The Human Factor

Lauren Conrad said she’s many things, one thing Lauren claims not to be is perfect, we’re all not perfect, Lauren revealed to Redbook today not only that she’ll be on the front page, but that Lauren’s life can be a mess than what’s known.

However, it’s not Lauren’s will to tell the whole world all the daily troubles she is going through, and Lauren would not have it any other way, Lauren too says there’s no rush for her to keep up with everybody else up to the minute, Lauren’s goals are the prettier parts of life.

It’s important for Lauren to keep an eyes on what she thinks matters because it’s an exhausting task to try and do everything all at once, only do things no one can replace you on, and delegate the rest of the other pretty things you’re not too good at.

A Blog That’s More Focused

In keeping things good, pretty, and more in-depth, Lauren on Monday began the new phase of where pieces are less frequent but more detailed, like styling the LC Lauren Conrad Weekend wardrobe on Monday, a Tuesday Ten of Lauren’s favorite size inclusive brands, and 3 ways to style a trench coat today.

Many, But Good

Lauren Conrad’s instagram Tuesday evening displayed Lauren in a new hashtag #IAMMANY, with Lauren declaring that she’s good at many things, and is not ashamed at all to tell the entire world about it.

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