Richie Rich & Anina Net’s Illuminated Jewelry at American Fashion Podcast

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Jewelry Of The Future

The fashion industry keeps moving forward everyday, and its designers like Richie Rich along with fashion model icon and expert, Anina Net, that are moving it in another direction, as revealed tonight at the American Fashion Podcast event at the AWS Loft in lower Manhattan here in New York City.

Richie Rich and Anina Net are collaborating together to bring the fashion hungry universe Illuminated Jewelry, a collection of jewelry that’s not only gorgeous, but gives light at the very least with its battery powered blue lights that make for the right hue, and can stand up to black.

Richie and Anina pulled out all the stops for those attending the AFP event not only filled with food and drink, but a collections of models young and old (men and women too) in youthful wonderful colors out of the youngest model in the place so Richie and Anina can proudly promote Illuminated Jewelry.

The American Fashion Podcast event not only gave a delightful showcase, but guests got to learn about where the future of fashion needs to head, Anina Net herself spearheaded the panel of 3 along with Richie Rich to emphasize how fashion and technology need to bridge together in order to survive and thrive, stay in business for many years, and rely on expertise like those that Anina has for design houses to bring out the best of their visions, so there’s no confusion, or no simple penciled in philosophy to expect the consumer to embrace it.

The overall message is that it takes the fashion industry, fashion investors, and technology visionaries to get the consumer excited about what the fashion’s evolution has to offer.

Daniel Quintanilla

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