Lauren Conrad reveals the newly-tweaked Edit


Evolving To Give You More

All this week, Lauren Conrad has been redefining the flagship that is beginning on Monday, with less pieces but pieces everyday that are deeply devoted to more content and images in one piece, today was no different as Lauren and team revealed a redefined Edit.

The Edit will not only incorporate Lauren’s weekly favorites, Lauren and everybody else’s purchases of the week, but this newly refocused Friday piece will have things around the world wide web that Lauren and and her team can’t stop raving about, being the latest trend, or funny stuff.

Lauren’s finds today included a Pink Pineapple Airbnb having such wonderful decor, an awesome fireplace, and cute pink furniture to fit the lodging, then there’s something Lauren does not endorse too often, and expensive $750 handbag that you must dave up your dollars for, its a Mansur Gavriel Mini Lady Leather Handbag.

Farm Animals For A Kids Birthday Party

Whether it’s Lauren Conrad breaking her new rule of one piece a day over at, or having an additional piece on Friday with The Edit being the norm, but Ilana Saul today has a party planning animal party piece for a kid’s 4th birthday.

Hairspray Made By Sea Salt

Lauren Conrad and her team on Thursday got together for a do-it-yourself beauty piece where you can make a spray for your hair that’s made entirely out of sea salt, with luke warm water, avocado oil or coconut oil, and drops of lavender essential oil.

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