Liu Shuishi presents a retrospective at Chase Contemporary

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And Now, A Final Thought

Liu Shuishi went back in time tonight to all of the pieces he’s ever painted in the last decade and a quarter at least at the Chase Comtemporary art gallery in midtown manhattan here in New York City, reflecting a single draft of her paintings.

From recent works such as “I Am Watched” as of this year that have a deeper oil painting enrichment that ever before, to “The Theory Towards Asertainment” back in 2015, or even simple pieces such as “Wedding” back in 2011 or “Ghost” in 2012, Liu Shuishi’s work of art are deemed as final.

In terms of final, final means that in those years the paintings were elaborated, Liu Shuishi settled on a construct that his work and thought put into it were the mere final thought of a partial meaning of life Liu came up with, until Liu had come up with another breakthrough later on.

In concrete print, Liu’s powerful work reflects the artist’s ongoing concern with modernity’s complex reality regarding the isolation and instability of contemporary life, rendering figures with large heads and exaggerated features in highly gestural, bold brushstrokes, Chinese traditional art, and calligraphy art with the thick impasto paint strokes to make Liu’s work rich both in presentation and content.

And with tonight’s exhibit over at Chase Contemporary, Liu Shuishi’s showcases artworks that reflect the artist’s oeuvre since his transition from traditional Chinese landscape painting, to his unique brand of existential expressionism which defines life at any given moment.

Daniel Quintanilla

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