Inden: Est. 1582 establishes spring/ summer 2019 at UBM ‘Coterie’

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Samurai Forever

Inden EST. 1582 caught the eye of Daniel plus Lauren today strolling on the floor of this first day of UBM’s Coterie trade show at the Javits Center here in New York City with their one of a kind handbag and accessories collection like no other.

Inden EST. 1582 in modest terms is a Japanese accessories line doing everything from mirrors, pen pouches, high end purses, and so forth, where it is hand painted, and made of deer skin, cow skin, and high Japanese wood lacquer, but Inden is 436 years of the fighting Samurai warrior based on the accessories used to fight, where it later became a fashion trend in Japanese culture.

Inden EST. 1582 is very protective of how it makes it collection, because it’s a manufacturing method that has lasted for over 400 years, expanding on the Samaurai tradition which provides modern and simple designs with high end bags and wallets with redefined designs to card cases suited for a business environment.

What strengthens the importance of the Inden EST. 1582 collection is that all of its products are virtually life resistant (scratch resistant, water resistant, element resistant, fade resistant, time resistant), putting it in a situation that with good care, an Inden EST. 1582 handbag can last for many years, where even the shine gets better.

Now as the wallets have become a popular seller for Inden EST. 1582, their red medium sized handbags are a top seller to along with anything that’s colored red, and their new offering includes the ring handbag that made with Inden’s iconic dearskin, and accepts the honor of being the lightest handbag one can buy.

Strong is not a justifiable word to classify Inden EST 1582, it’s Samurai fighting accessories philosophy steming over 400 years with its guarded manufacturing process are what officiates the durability, strength, and beauty an Inden EST 1582 product is.

Daniel Quintanilla

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