Negris LeBrum’s SS2019 ‘Epoque Rosée’ collection at New York Fashion Week

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Negris LeBrum returned to New York Fashion Week last Sunday evening to present their spring summer 2019 collection named “Époque Rosée”.

The show was hosted by VenuesNYC at the famous FLAT NYC event space located at 23 West 24th street taking place at 7 p.m. EDT.

Followed by the Mardi Gras Soiree, Negris LeBrum hosts each season.

Venues NYC began a pilot program this season called “Runway To Go”.

The program is designed to match designer brands and production teams with their venues placed throughout New York City.

Their first partnership began last Sunday with the brand Negris LeBrum.

VenuesNYC provides clients with a unique portfolio of both raw and finished spaces.

Their venues are owned and operated in house to give clients the best experience and most affordable rates.

Their growing portfolio includes lofts, rooftops, warehouses, storefronts, luxury apartments, theaters, and studios in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens that range from 1,200 to 70,000 Square Feet in size.

The Époque Rosée collection inspiration is the aspirations, attitudes and strength of the Negris woman.

With their designs and dresses, the brand intend to represent these traits of a modern woman, a woman who is loved by many, admired by all and depicts elegance.

A fusion of these with a fashionable freedom inspires Negris LeBrum designs.

The success of their previous women’s wear collections have created much anticipation each season and the brand is up for the challenge.

The Époque Rosée collection featured hair and makeup by Augment International and shoes by Nina Shoes.

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