Lauren Conrad & the fall’s chicest handbags



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It’s a great time for it to be fall, because we’ve shed our summer sandals and strawbags once and for all, and everybody including Lauren Conrad and her crew today are ready for a new collection of handbags right off the runway once cannot ignore.

Chic is the name of the game, it all begins with the conversion bags carrying the honor of being cute and spunky, these conversions hold a nice sizable personality on the outside alone, because there’s not only sequin embellishments, but there too are cat ears and heart shaped bags.

Lauren gets off on her affinity for shiny stuff like metallic handbags shining at their best for parties and the holidays themselves, they come in silver, yellow gold, and red gold which is new to Daniel plus Lauren, backpacks too fit so many occasions, situations, and circumstances with its versatility, and the uncanny ability to hold stuff, lots of it.

And now, the latest and the most important chic handbag of them all, the circle bag, the circle bag says something about the one who made the crucial investment in this statement piece, it tells the world you’re cool and you’ve got something to say, big or small size.

Let’s not count out the strong finishing touch of the lady handbag that carry itself over the shoulder extremely well, hardware too plays a key role in handbags with the ring bag, coming in various styles like all the bags mentioned today, with the backpacks and lady bags straight up from the LC Lauren Conrad Collection at Kohl’s.

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