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Halloween, and trick-or-treating time are 2 weeks from today, we’re busy enough trying to get our costume and make-up together, but Lauren Conrad’s doing makeup in another way for Halloween, Lauren today sans the decades-old plastic Jack O’ Lantern pail for decorated tin bucket trick-or-treat pails.

Everyone remembers those 1,2,3 Jack O’ Lantern pails in a pinch sold at any ole drug store (CVS still sells them today), and even McDonald’s had their own when you got a Happy Meal, Lauren instead makes her own for little Liam making 3 painted pails of a mummy, a skull and crossbones, and the Jack O’ Lantern too.

Let’s start off easy so we don’t throw off those devoted plastic Jack O’ Lantern pail lovers, Lauren reproduces the one and only Jack O’ Lantern known on many door steps across the country by painting her own to a simple tin pail, orange, off-white, and black paint are all that’s needed with simple tools that reimage the Jack O’ Lantern on the trick-or-treating route.

Now if you need to breakaway from dear ole Jack O’ Lantern, Lauren’s first alternative to Jack O’ Lantern is painting a skull and crossbones, paint the pail in nothing but black twice, then go on and sketch out the eyes, nose, the head, and crossbones behind the head to make your skull and crossbones tin.

Jack O’ Lantern’s next match in the DIY trick-or-treat pails comes from the mummy, canvased off-white accompanied by black sketched lines through the pail, but first paint a small black triangle at the center of your pail so your white and black with orange traced eyes can be inserted.

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