Lauren Conrad’s Halloween costume goes to ‘The Birds’ with Melanie Daniels



They’re On It Like A Hawk

Lauren Conrad drew the curtains on the big reveal today of her Halloween costume for 2018, Lauren Conrad looks to the original suspenseful filmmaker, who is the one and only Alfred Hitchcock, and his gripping 1963 film, “The Birds”, finding Melanie Daniels who had attracted these frightening black flyers when arriving in town.

Now it’s not only Lauren who’s involved in all the action, it’s little one-year-old Liam James Tell too that joins his mother in “The Birds” extravaganza, by dressing up as one of those little birds who go after Melanie, and the town Melanie settles in.

Lauren’s take on Melanie Daniels is conceived of a coordinating retro green dress and jacket from Etsy, fake birds on the left side of Lauren’s jacket, black high heels, and a red eyeliner or lip liner pencil Lauren uses to complete her lips for Melanie Daniels.

Little Liam James Tell’s costume of those terrifying birds is made up of a black onesie, a black vegan boa that’s super soft and don’t have any feathers that can easily poke your little ones, yellow tights or leggings, and sneakers which surely can match your little one’s birdy costume.

Lauren Conrad’s trick to keeping her hair in a bun is to add a little spritz of dry shampoo before piling up the hair in the proper look it needs to be, and a few simple instructions can make the Melanie Daniels costume possible on you as well for Halloween.

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