Lauren Conrad host Halloween party with Kristin Ess

Courtesy: Lauren Conrad Instagram

Twinkling Down From Above

With nothing but rain pouring down in all of New York City on Saturday, that didn’t stop Halloween weekend revelers from trekking out into Manhattan last night, going to every party possible, Lauren Conrad on the left coast otherwise co-hosted a Halloween party with stylist, Kristin Ess.

Tulle play a prominent and pivotal role with both Lauren and Kristin’s costumes, lots of it was worn which Lauren truly appreciated because it gave Lauren a very good reason to wear all the tulle in the world, which suited Lauren and Kristin well for their choice of characters.

If you first thought Lauren and Kristin were going for matching costumes made of tulle, you are wrong, as you can see that Lauren is in creamy white while Kristin is in black, Lauren’s Instagram followers say Kristin is a spider, Daniel plus Lauren is guessing that Lauren is a cloud angel of the elements.

This is not Lauren’s only Halloween costume for this year, Lauren revealed on October 18 that Lauren’s main Halloween costume for 2018 is Melanie Daniels, the infamous lady who came into town that brought in unparalleled terror in Alfred Hitchcock’s “The Birds”.

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