Lauren Conrad goes spooky with The Edit



It’s Getting Scary Close

That’s right, Lauren Conrad and her crew of lovely ladies continue to gear up for Halloween in big and little ways with The Edit today, showing off their spookiest and most delightful creations that can make one’s Halloween more fun and more exciting.

Lauren starts off the edit as always with Do-It-Yourself mini-mummies from Oh Happy Day that turns a few wooden mannequins into a frightful and delightful decoration that’s thanks to guaze or cheesecloth draped over the figures, and one can seek and buy out these adorable wooden mannequins over at IKEA.

Another scary Do-It-Yourself project Lauren dives into are mini monster eyeball donuts by Sugar & Cloth that are immediately spooky, and yet they are delicious because it’s starts off with powdered mini-donuts, sour gummy rings, peanut butter M&M’s, and royal icing if one wants all the ingredients stuck together as one.

Now as one gets together their spooky creations for Halloween in just 12 days, one can cozy up in Lauren’s LC Lauren Conrad Eyelash Open-Front Cardigan, because it can become downright scary out there or inside your home as you conquer errands and such, so you need style and comfort for ease in doing it all.

Now as everybody gets ready for Halloween at this point, The Edit this week also includes Jouer Cosmetics Essential High Coverage Liquid Concealer, Steve Madden Brinkley Over The Knee Stretch Boots, Chelsea King Nude Blush Crushed Velvet Scrunchie to keep one’s hair in a bun that complement their Halloween costume, and the Universal Thread Jumpsuit that may be a Halloween costume’s canvas.

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