Lauren Conrad takes Liam on 1st Disneyland trip

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The First Wish Upon A Star

Though, yours truly has been to Florida and California but never has stepped foot on Walt Disney’s iconic theme parks, many remember their first trip, and many more thereafter to the magic kingdom of Disney World and Disneyland, Lauren Conrad’s little Liam got his first trip to Disneyland Friday, with Lauren telling the world through the magic of Instagram.

It’s Lauren and little Liam as one where mother and son technically become fierce nemesis’s because Liam took on the role of Peter Pan while Lauren took on the role of the ferocious Captain Hook.

In spite of nemesis atmosphere going on, Lauren retained the role of being an unconditionally loving mother while Liam played his part in being an ever-growing son, while remain adorable as Peter Pan, whose ready to go on his first trip to the magic kingdom of the west coast.

Liam got to see all the breathtaking, pretty, wonderful, and magical sites that Disneyland always has to offer, never was there a time where Liam was at all disappointed that his mother took him to Disney’s wonderful theme park, and Lauren Conrad for sure loved gifting Liam the experience.

Daniel Quintanilla

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