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With Halloween now even closer than we last thought (like 6 days or 2 days if celebrated this Saturday), now’s the time to panic if certain little things aren’t in place, but Lauren Conrad helps today on the cake front if you need ideas to decorate your Halloween cake.

With Bonjour Fete and Etsy on hand to get dessert rolling, start out with creative cake toppers like “U Got It, Haunt It”, or any other topper to break the ice at any Halloween party that’s gotta get people talking, something that comes during those boozy moments this weekend.

Next up to cover are the fondant cut outs one lines up all around their cake, they can be stars, shapes, objects, etc.; but they all start out with something simple as a cookie cutter like Lauren Lowstan from A Sweet Savory lays out with her own stars on Team LC’s Halloween cake.

Now, the all important, if not the most important aspect to any given cake like a birthday cake, a holiday cake, or even a Halloween cake no less is one thing, and one thing only, it is the frosting, without it, then there’s just no point to serving cake.

Frosting on this Halloween cake according to Lauren Lowstan play a pivotal key role when it comes to choice of frosting flavors on all the cake, along with frosting of darker color possibly to decorate on top of canvased frosting to make the rosettes, and most importantly, the ghosts.

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