Maison Kitsune reveals NEW YORKAKIS with Capsule Launch Party

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The Infinite Layers Of New York

Maison Kitsune did a little celebrating today out of their Layfayette Street store here in lower Manhattan, where they had an exclusive launch party for their latest art work on their fine solid collection that celebrates New York via NEW YORKASIS.

Ben Klevay, who’s the artist behind this butcher shop ad throwback that very few “elder millennials”, Gen Xers, and our parents of course remember from their childhood, created the NEW YORKAIS collection after one of Maison Kitsune’s founders, Masaya Kuroki, loved Ben’s art so much as to create a print collection for New York, and an exquisite print for Tokyo, Japan.

Ben’s art is celebrated, and found on Maison Kitsune’s one of a kind tee shirts, sweatshirts, and tote bags where one will obviously see the NEW YORKAIS art work that not only tells where the Layfayette Street store is, but is made of watercolors to capture the butcher shop ad, which Ben was reproducing as he spoke at the Maison Kitsune store today on butcher paper.

This is a big time for Ben Klevey as Ben and Maison Kitsune do something special with Ben’s art here in New York City and Tokyo, as Ben also will take over Kitsune Hot Stream next month, where artists play out their unique music on the Kitsune soundtrack.

Yours truly of Daniel plus Lauren couldn’t help it but notice the excitement one lady had when buying a solid pair of blue jeans from the Maison Kitsune store, it’s because Vinow, who works at the store explains most of their clothing comes from Japanese fabrics, where these Japanese vendors take extra care of their product, creating a jean so to speak that’s built to last, and are able to keep at an affordable luxury price point where a pair of these jeans are just $215.00.img_8236img_8238img_8237img_8265Courtesy: Daniel Quintanilla

One more thing to note is the constant use of the fox on Maison Kitsune clothing and accessories, it’s because Kitsune means fox in French.

Daniel Quintanilla

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