Lauren Conrad and gang’s best fall desserts



Let’s Indulge A Little

It’s certainly fall at this point of the season, because the cold is sticking around a little longer, and were getting closer and closer to November, so while Halloween’s still in full swing, Lauren Conrad today relived the best fall desserts from Lauren and Team LC.

Seeing these desserts makes us want to pull out the turkey, stuffing, cranberry, and sides that go deep in this fall season, let’s start with mini pies in cast iron skillets everybody can enjoy without eating a large pie, another old favorite are marbled candy apples taking blush coding over granny smith apples.

Dessert gets a little vegan with the vegan chai coconut caramel shortbread while extracting fall’s essense, we got pies again with mini pumpkin mousse pies where you get a taste of pumpkin with a little cream added, you can go easy making Lauren’s easy apple tarts that are light, yet delicious.

We all love apple donuts, but one’s never had them come out green like the granny smith apple drizzled with caramel and mini M&M’s to be caramel apple donuts, not all pies have grains in them as Lauren proved with 3 grain-free pies that’s shepard, pear, and pecan, and more autumn apple recipes.

Now there’s a way to enjoy your dessert while getting in your daily dose of protein, it’s called warm pumpkin protein chia seed pudding made with every wholesome and natural ingredient possible, and the newest donut to hit the land all goes back to pumpkin, it’s baked pumpkin crumble donuts saluting fall at its finest.

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